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Thank You


Lead Staff

David Karl King

Duke Gervais
Executive Chef

Matt Bostick
Beverage Director


Dear Friends and Family,

With much sadness I regret to announce that this will be Baldoria’s last week of service. We will keep regular business hours through this Sunday, September 29th. Then we will close for the foreseeable future. I have decided to focus my efforts on my new bottled cocktail company, B&K Classic Cocktail Co. (@bkclassiccocktails), which will be debuting shortly in LA retail stores.

I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved over these past 3 1/2 years at Baldoria, and I am grateful to have worked with such an amazing group of individuals. Duke Gervais, our head chef, is a talented man and an even better friend. He helped me realize a lifelong dream of mine at a (relatively lol) young age. I will be forever grateful. I’d also like to thank my amazing staff. You stuck with me through this entire journey, ups and downs, ins and outs. All of you are wonderful humans, and I’m excited to see what changes you’ll make in the world. There are many, many more who helped along the way, including the entire Little Tokyo community. Please know you are appreciated.

Now on to the party... In appreciation of all the great patrons of Baldoria who have kept this place running over the years, and as a way to help send the staff off with some money in their pockets, for the rest of the week everything in store will be 30% off! We have inventory that needs to be sold, and you have tastebuds that need to be satiated (Also, cash is extremely welcome.) So please stop by if you can. We’d love to see your beautiful face again.

We feasted on dreams,

David King
Owner - Baldoria